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  • Ninety-five Not Out

    It’s been a while since we hosted the Popathon x Mediasmith Project Storytelling Hack Jam back in February but the learning has continued to inform new developments behind the scenes. Many of the methods we’ve explored are about to be put to the test in a large-scale public research project […]

  • Mappyness or I’m so Mappy at Popathon

    ‘I’m so Mappy’ is the web-native story created by the green team at the Popathon Storytelling Hack Jam. ‘I’m so Mappy’ offers the audience the chance to explore place through experience and emotion as well as plot their own stories on the map. Plan a bike route through the happiest […]

  • MoodzArt at Popathon

    MoodzArt is the web-native story created by the red team at the Popathon Storytelling Hack Jam. The project drew heavily upon the Harkive dataset collected by BCU PhD researcher, Craig Hamilton. Harkive is a one day event when people from all over the globe submit stories about their music listening […]

  • Popathon X Mediasmith Storytelling Hack Jam Live Blog

  • Popathon X Mediasmith 24 Hour Hack Jam February 2015

    We’re pleased to invite you to the University of Warwick’s first Popathon in partnership with the Mediasmith Project. Popathon is an international series of hackathon events bringing together digital storytellers, technologists and designers to prototype the future of web-native storytelling. Key elements of the events are learning, making and sharing. The […]

  • Mediasmithery and the Moongolf Hole #6

    Tim Wright, digital writer, and Moongolfer extraordinaire shares his thoughts on The Mediasmith Project and how to capture adhoc playful experiences using digital tools and generate ideas for digital media projects through immediate practice and ‘document-as-you-go’ techniques that eschew traditional economic ideas of pre-production, planning and scripting.

  • Liveblog: Remix and Representation

    Thanks to Athina Balopoulou, one of the Mediasmith Project researchers for live blogging during the third Mediasmith Project workshop on Friday 2nd May 2014. 10.00 Project updates Today we kick off our third and final workshop with some of our project participants who volunteer to give us an update of […]

  • Storify: Mediasmith Project Workshop 3: Remix & Representation

    What happened at the third Mediasmith Project workshop? [ Here’s a summary of the day’s tweets. View the story “Workshop 3: Remix & Representation” on Storify]

  • Live Blog: Digital Storytelling

    Thanks to Athina Balopoulu, one of the Mediasmith Project researchers for live blogging during the second Mediasmith Project workshop. Wednesday 5th March 2014. Today we’re hosting the second Mediasmith Project workshop. About a month ago we brought together a small multidisciplinary group of academic researchers to explore ‘transmedia’ documentary as […]