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MoodzArt at Popathon

5 years ago, Written by , Posted in Mediasmith Blogs

MoodzArt is the web-native story created by the red team at the Popathon Storytelling Hack Jam. The project drew heavily upon the Harkive dataset collected by BCU PhD researcher, Craig Hamilton. Harkive is a one day event when people from all over the globe submit stories about their music listening experiences with the harkive hashtag. Craig has collected over 5,000 stories to date and the dataset proved a rich treasure trove to mine for the Popathon process. MoodzArt allows users to explore stories based on mood in order to discover new music and find out more about others emotional connections to particular pieces of music. Bearing in mind that this is very much a prototype, there is unlimited opportunity to animate the project more comprehensively in the future. Watch the team’s final presentation here.

MoodzArt #Popathon Mediasmith Project from Learning to count on Vimeo.


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