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Popathon X Mediasmith 24 Hour Hack Jam February 2015

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We’re pleased to invite you to the University of Warwick’s first Popathon in partnership with the Mediasmith Project.

Popathon is an international series of hackathon events bringing together digital storytellers, technologists and designers to prototype the future of web-native storytelling. Key elements of the events are learning, making and sharing. The aim is to experiment and create prototypes: projects that try out a focused piece of functionality by using the capability of the web to create an interactive story experience. At the end of the Popathon all prototypes are made available as open source. These events are run by facilitators Philo Van Kemenade and Gilles Pradeau, a filmmaker from France.  Philo explains,

Visual storytelling has been with us since the beginning of time. Through the ages the way we tell stories has changed along with the evolution of different media. The capability of the web enables stories to be interactive, dynamic and participatory, allowing for engaging experiences around them. While this is hugely exciting, we believe a language of web-native storytelling is still developing and want to help that process along by hands-on collaboration.

Over the course of two days participants team up to brainstorm ideas, create open-source code and demo prototypes of their own web-native stories. Participants compete against the clock, not against each other. Teams are formed by combining different skills and spending a short and intense period creating a story prototype that is born on the web. After the final sprint all prototypes are presented in a live demo open to the public. All the source code powering the projects is shared as an open-source (MIT licensed) repository on Github for others to study and build on beyond the event.

In this joint event we’re hoping to bring together interdisciplinary teams of academics, students, web developers, technologists and filmmakers to research and create together. The process will be facilitated by Philo and Gilles based on Agile methodology and teams will produce visible outputs whilst learning new skills and being introduced to new tools and platforms. The event has potential to spark new ideas and collaborative projects in both teaching and research. You can see examples of the outcomes of previous Popathons here.

The hack jam will take place on Friday 27th & Saturday 28th February 2015 at the University of Warwick. Please visit our events page to find out more.



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