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Transmedia documentary as research: telling new stories in new ways

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  • Mediasmithery and the Moongolf Hole #6

    Tim Wright, digital writer, and Moongolfer extraordinaire shares his thoughts on The Mediasmith Project and how to capture adhoc playful experiences using digital tools and generate ideas for digital media projects through immediate practice and ‘document-as-you-go’ techniques that eschew traditional economic ideas of pre-production, planning and scripting.

  • Liveblog: Remix and Representation

    Thanks to Athina Balopoulou, one of the Mediasmith Project researchers for live blogging during the third Mediasmith Project workshop on Friday 2nd May 2014. 10.00 Project updates Today we kick off our third and final workshop with some of our project participants who volunteer to give us an update of […]

  • Storify: Mediasmith Project Workshop 2: Digital Storytelling

    What happened at the second Mediasmith Project workshop? [ Here’s a summary of the day’s tweets…View the story “Storify: Mediasmith Project Workshop 2: Digital Storytelling” on Storify]

  • Cross-platform producer Tim Wright tees off. Photo: Alexander Kharlamov

    Golf on the Moon?

    What has playing golf on the moon along the campus sculpture trail got to do with transmedia documentary? “Everything,” argues Tim Wright on the second day of Mediasmith Project workshops. Find out more in forthcoming posts.

  • Wizards or Muggles?

    The open call for participants for The Mediasmith Project invited interest from across the campus at Warwick and the first workshop, Methods & Media: Documentary R&D, kicked off with a group of researchers representing engineering, maths, statistics, politics, sociology, education, business, English and cultural policy studies. We thought it would […]