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Wizards or Muggles?

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MugglesThe open call for participants for The Mediasmith Project invited interest from across the campus at Warwick and the first workshop, Methods & Media: Documentary R&D, kicked off with a group of researchers representing engineering, maths, statistics, politics, sociology, education, business, English and cultural policy studies.

We thought it would be a good idea to see how people rated their attitudes to technology and their skill levels at the start. Curiosity levels were high but it seems we are decidedly average when it comes to our technical proficiency. Enquiry into social media usage sparked a discussion deserving of a session all of its own but most of us made a clear distinction between the way in which we used Facebook (if we used it) and other platforms such as Twitter and Linked In. Twitter users ranged from self-confessed lurkers to daily tweeters and researchers from some disciplines suggested that some subject areas lend themselves better to Twitter than others. Pinterest remains largely unexplored territory for most but its potential for digital media projects such as this was soon self-evident.

We will see if our attitudes and social media usage change during the course of project and repeat the same experiment at the end. Who said creating infographics was difficult?



Ruth Leary

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